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I met a woman today who said, People give up too soon. She was talking about animal adoption and she would know being completely devoted to ‘placing’ animals. There is always somebody somewhere, she said. This is a woman who certainly doesn’t give up, and encourages others not to do that either.

The monastery has had it’s share of animals turning up looking for a home. Chester came eleven years ago, a beautiful dog, he was found wandering along the fence which bounds the property on the freeway side. There’s a lot of spaniel but there’s a lot of other in there too. What ever the mix it makes for a most beautiful long lustrous coat. I’ve always been a devoted fan.

I’m thinking of Chester this evening. He’s in the animal hospital, with his carer, suffering from heat stroke. Have a thought for him, and his person too. Our animals are close family and no mistake.

See Foundling for photos.

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8 thoughts on “Animal Rescue – Animal Friends”

  1. I wish Chester a speedy recovery. I met him in 2001. His picture sitting among dandelion blossoms is one of my favored “wallpaper” items.

  2. Doris! I’m so glad to know you are still around. I’ve not been able to devote myself to responding to comments of late unfortunately however seeing you this morning made writing this the ‘next thing’. We all love Chester here and will he remain in our hearts.

    Sooner or later he is going to die and as I understand it surviving a serious heat stroke is not necessarily the greatest. At least not in humans anyway.

    I hope you found it relatively easy to leave a comment on this site. I’d encourage others to leave comments too. There have been so many ‘spam’ comments it has been a tad discouraging and have thought of switching off comments all together for awhile.

    And thanks to Wick too, thank you for your pondering on the matter of a divided life. I’d say that on an obvious level our lives are parceled in definable bundles, and on another level life is seamless. It is good that we have the ability to reflect and good that we do so, with compassion.

  3. Dear Rev Mugo
    I was tempted to comment re: an undivided life but then thought I was being too self referential. However, as you encourage comment here goes;

    I try to ‘cut the cat in one’ in my life not just in formal zazen yet the separations can seem significant; I work in the U.K. construction industry and have friends from all walks of life but mainly they are arts academics. So my life is often divided/spread over all sorts of boundaries. The everyday world has so many cultural aspects and it is not easy to know just what ‘rice’ one should eat. However, practice seems to be in the gap as they say. And boy can it be big gap.

    It must be a lot of work dealing with comments; it’s appreciated.

  4. I’m no expert but I did a quick search and there seems to be software available that is designed to stop ‘comment spam’. On the Moving Mountains blog I remember having to copy down a graphic of a random word that the blog generated (apparently this is the CAPTCHA method – (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)!
    It would be a shame to have to turn off the comments on Jade Mountains, and even more so to have a discouraged Rev Mugo!

    Good wishes to Chester


  5. I hope the spammers and trolls do not permanently discourage you. Sadly the internet which could be (and partly is) the medium to connect people in good ways, also has its dark side. As a species we have a gift of polluting everything we touch.
    Thanks for posting, it connects the world in a good way.
    And for Chester too, unknown to me, some good thoughts.
    Mid-autumn festival here – sun just coming up.
    In gassho

  6. At the moment I am not able to look into what you suggest Miles however when I get back to England and am more settled I’ll try and find somebody who can help with this spam commenting. I like the way it is easy for people to leave comments at the moment. My immediate solution is to not have comments sent to my email address requiring me to have to sift through them each time I check for messages.

    I was touched that you would not want ‘a discouraged Rev. Mugo’! It takes a lot for me to be discouraged for long, all the same the drip, drip of spam can become a bit heavy duty at times.

  7. Thanks to you Dave too. I hope you manage to continue to navigate your world as I continue to navigate mine. They are not that far apart, if at all.

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