Another Labour of Love

I was out and about yesterday as the weather was fine and the wind had dropped.  These model villages in the nearby village of Nenthead are quite something, quite the labour of love.

This post is dedicated to all those who are new to practice or finding it a bit of a struggle to either keep going or to get back to formal meditation. In a certain sense practice is a labour of love. Love with no gain, unconditional love if you will. Oh, and good fortune to the three chaps I met on the road after the recent Intro. Retreat.

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7 thoughts on “Another Labour of Love”

  1. Here on Vancouver Island we have had a wonderful stretch of blue skies and warm weather. The beauty of nature with her fall colours bring a heightened experience of Love, Joy and Gratitude.

  2. So nice to see you in a video. Just wanted you to know that I’m in “steady as she goes” mode here. Bows.

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