Appreciate What Is Now

Wharfe Wood

View from Wharfe Wood (possibly) not looking towards the River Wharfe – Yorkshire! See Angie’s footnote below

I so rarely listen to music however as I upload these photos I’m checking some uploaded music files. Cue music – Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, OP. 46 1 MORNING MOOD. Beautiful! As is our countryside in Britan at this time of year. Any time of the year.

I do hope that, in the midst of our urnestness about the enviornment, we don’t loose the simple wonder of what is now.

Thanks to Angie for the photographs.

Notes from Angie added by Mugo on 26th May 09.

The river in this area is the Ribble. The Wharfe is further over and north of here as well. The area I photographed is in Ribblesdale. I don’t think the view was looking towards a river actually but across to Pen y Ghent and Ingleborough – two of the three peaks which people regularly climb and sometimes run up and down all three in a day.
Wharfe is a tiny hamlet near Austwick and Wharfe wood is near there but not next to it.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciate What Is Now”

  1. I agree with you — I think our “earnestness” about the environment often becomes another way that we humans obsess about ourselves. It becomes so easy to see nature as only something else WE have to FIX. When I’ve had enough of the bad news on TV or the internet I like to go outside and take in some of the really current news that’s happening in my backyard: the chorus of sparrows perched in the bushes, the fat squirrel happily stealing the bird food out of the feeder, the clouds, the wind, the sun. Nothing needs fixing right here and now.

  2. Thank you for the lovely photos, Reverend, and for the mention of the music which stirred up warm feelings, as my mom used to play those pieces on the piano when I was a child. Her playing of classical music on the piano was an incomparable gift to the spirit. How fortunate to have that as “background” !

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