Attachments and Detachments

Here are two enlightenment beings, pictured here with flower garlands to celebrate their first visit here after lockdown, May 18th 2021.  Anne is on the left and Julie, her friend, on the right. This week we said our final fond farewells to Anne while her cremated remains were scattered here at Throssel. Her daughter and partner, as well as Anne’s husband and his brother, were there. A number of others who knew Anne attended, Julie included.

Love you Anne, gone from our sight but not gone from this place, your spiritual home. Not gone from our hearts, either. Is that an expression of attachment? Possibly. It would be odd if one didn’t become attached over time, that’s attached to just about anything. Anne has been returning to her spiritual home for many years. Can one become unhelpfully attached to places, too?  Possibly. Attached to one’s teachers and mentors? Possibly. To students…the list is endless, if one chooses to make a list. Let’s not.

I gave a tour of the monastery the other day. Saying farewell, the woman pointed out her car, “I’m not materialistic” she said “however I’m attached to my car”. If I’d been quicker, I’d have responded “of course you are attached, how would you find it in a car park if you weren’t”! I could have said, Attachments and detachments flow together throughout one’s entire life. 

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5 thoughts on “Attachments and Detachments”

  1. Thank you heart story and you had me laugh with the car comment!! Be warm and thank you again!🙏🙋‍♀️🎄

  2. Such a wonderfully written account, Rev. Mugo. I never met Ann but you make me feel like I know/knew her. Thank you!

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