Attention Regulation, AKA Meditation?

Atttention regulation and monitoring in meditation.

Thanks to Ed for finding the article. I’d certainly not come across this kind of study on my own…

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3 thoughts on “Attention Regulation, AKA Meditation?”

  1. Not the first study, nor the last I’ll venture. The sample size is such studies is usually too small, and the question of controls is problematical. Who is “normal” in this context? Mathematicians and others often disappear deep into themselves during intensive thought, and lose all sense of time and space. Maybe we should throw them into the mix.
    Now I’ll sit and ask myself why these studies irritate me ;-)
    If you like to dress your practice in science then you might like the John Templeton Foundation too.

    In gassho

  2. I was told about a writer called Jon Kabat Zinn recently. He uses meditation & Buddhist ideas when working with medical patients who are anxious, depressed etc. I read this week that his methods are being incorporated into the Government’s NICE guidelines (that’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence). That must be positive.

  3. The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao. We can’t directly access the ‘real’ and remain in the symbolic order. Oh how as an experienced engineer I have learned this lesson.

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