BAD – Buddhist Action Day

Well I am always glad to get behind collective activity which lends itself to the good and BAD err….sound good! Sorry I couldn’t resist! So if you are part of a Buddhist group or community why not clean out a ditch, mend a footpath or…well there are so many possibilities. Linking up with groups such as The Woodland Trust, National Trust and similar organizations might provide suitable work for willing hands.

Would you or your organisation (in Britain) be willing to run an event during the Diamond Jubilee year in July 2012? Each major faith community has been offered a month in 2012 in which to organise inclusive events based on various themes. The Buddhist community has been offered a month – July – in which to run events that have an environmental theme. We have chosen July 3rd as our official ‘Earthkind – Buddhist Action Day’ but your events may be planned for any time during July.
Earthkind – Buddhist Action Day. The Network of Buddhist Organisations.

Please let me know if you/your Buddhist community are organising something during July. I’d love to join in if I’m nearby(ish), already I’m thinking of heading towards Telford in the Midlands.

And do remember to let the NBO know what you have planned so they can publicise it on their website.

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One thought on “BAD – Buddhist Action Day”

  1. I’m new to Telford priory and after hearing about you, from my good friend Ralph, I hope you do stop by Telford in July.

    Hope to meet you soon mike.

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