Balance Matters

Photographer unknown, great picture.

Whoops! It is time for me to leave Reading Buddhist Priory and be on my way further south. There is not much more south to England and after that there is an island just off the south coast. That’s where I’ll be, the Isle of Wight, for most of March with the intention of resting before flying to North America in late April or early May.

My thought today is about balance, balance in all matters. Balance matters.

Thanks to the blog reader who just walked into the priory with a card and a dana offering. I’ve been talking about your blog this week-end during the retreat! he said.

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4 thoughts on “Balance Matters”

  1. Rev. Mugo I wish you all the best in your time of rest! Please take care of yourself…I’ve lately seen how monks can give so much and may not get as much rest as they need! Take care! Jack

  2. I would echo Jack’s comment; take care. I am sure you know how to strike the balance between doing the work that there is to be done and keeping well enough to contine with it.

    Balance; all ways one of my favored approches. Good picture, good post.


  3. Funny to think of you at the Reading priory – I was a student at Reading University at around the time you became prior there, if I remember an earlier posting in your blog correctly. Late 1980’s/early 1990’s, is that right?

    Proof positive, it is a small world.

    It was good to finally meet you at the new years retreat. Hope all is well.

    Happy Travels.

  4. Jack, Thanks for your thought about resting. Answering you comment now ten days into this rest/reflection time I can confirm it takes time to ‘undo and unwind’. (Become less tense, rest, or take one’s ease. Wordweb definition of unwind.) I like the term take one’s ease. Resting doesn’t mean going ‘splat’ of course and it is so easy to think of resting as inactivity. I find it helps not to have an expectation of ‘resting’ and how that will be. Thanks too for your thought about the need for rest. Opportunities to rest, take a break or a change of pace crop up, the task is to notice them and use the time creatively. Hiking is my way of more actively resting. And, would you believe, I find writing a great way to unwind too, and drawing.

    Thanks Dave. Nothing to add and glad you like the pics.

    Greetings Hobsons Choice! It was indeed good to meet you at Throssel over the New Year. Good retreat I thought, I enjoyed it.

    I was the prior at Reading from 1990 through to November 1993. I’d take fairly regular walks around the lakes at the university, small world. Yes, all is well here on the IOW.

    BTW. I entered HTML code to make the italics. Not so difficult after all.

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