Be Careful Not To Trip Over

Drawing on the collective memory of the monks it is generally agreed there has never NEVER been so much water gushing down the hillside here at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. But why? Why so much water all of a sudden since there hasn’t been that much rain. What ever the reason there has been much activity during the day to channel the water using sandbags. There is a line of them going directly across the sparsely lit lane we walk down early in the morning for meditation. A helpful note stuck to an outside door reminds us to, Be careful not to trip over the sandbags in the lane!

So on a wet and very windy night-time moorland in Northumberland, where we are taking care not to trip, here’s wishing equanimity and peace of mind be your constant companions into the New Year ahead.

May we
within the dimly lit
interior of our
over active
trip over.

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