Benign Attention

Varanda in FinlandThis is a veranda in Finland. Somewhere. The picture taken very recently. By a reader (thank you for sending it). The image is especially attractive to me combining as it does peeling paint, soft colours and plants striving to lengthen out of their pots.

My ‘bean stalk’ Ivy, now down to a managable size, had to be wrestled out of it’s pot so entangled the root system. Left to their own devices and with fairly benign attention plants grow.

As do we.

And here is a Finnish Proverb:
Niin metsä vastaa kuin sinne huudetaan.
Translation: The forest answers in the same way one shouts at it.

Think about it.

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One thought on “Benign Attention”

  1. Just in case you are struggling with the Finnish Proverb here is an English equivalent: “The world you get is the world you give away” or “What comes around, goes around” or “You get what you have been giving.”

    The proverb refers to the echo that the treeline produces.

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