Betty’s Song.

Copywrite Renee Locks, Brush Dance

I am writing this from Telford Buddhist Priory which is in the middle of England. Rev. Saido is the monk in residence. I have been here a week and among other things I’ve been transferring electronic files from ‘Betty Four’ to ‘Betty Five’. I named my first laptop Betty and each successive upgrade since then has been Betty. This one is Betty Five. Everything has been transferred, not as perfectly organized as I would wish, however nothing ever is.

I used the above text in a talk at my brothers Memorial Ceremony. My brothers song was unique (as is the case for all of us) and not an easy one to sing. His life deeply impacted mine and lead me, eventually, in the direction of becoming a monastic. I will remember him with affection and continue to sing my song in gratitude for his life.

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4 thoughts on “Betty’s Song.”

  1. Hello Reverend Mugo

    I thought of you the other day when I realised it was time to start sitting again after many years. You were the first monk I met (at Vajira Bailey’s) and the one I remember best. I Googled you and here’s your blog. Wonderful!

    In Gassho


  2. Well done Ralph, and you know what, I was visiting Vajira last Thursday and the place where you all sit. Must post a photo of that when I have a chance. Welcome aboard the blogging of moving mountains.

    And Bill, you have come to my thoughts recently. Drop me a line why not and let me know how your daughter is doing, + you of course.

    I am keeping fit(ish).

  3. Dear Rev. Mugo
    The bird that sings because it has a song….. Its a lovely card that conveys its message, especially after our meeting in Lancaster.
    I am currently wardening a small Youth Hostel deep in the forest in northern Northumberland. It is a very peaceful place to sit.
    In gassho

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