The Biggest Butterfly in the World

To-day I went on a trip with a charming family to visit the Devonian Gardens south west of Edmonton. As we were leaving the parking lot (car park) afterwards a wedding party was arriving. My memory is that the bride always has four specific ‘somethings’ on her for luck. Here are my somethings from to-days adventure:

Something blue: Oilers ‘uniforms’, flags, hats etc. etc. etc. Edmonton is awash with Oiler stuff, which is blue…and bronze and white and red. And blue maple leaves seen on a Girl Guide scarf.
Something borrowed: ‘if you find a folded-over chip in your bag of potato chips you can make a wish on it’.
Something new: The BIGGEST butterfly I’ve ever seen.
Something old: The awesome and ancient wisdom behind the eyes of the children.

Thanks guys it was fun, and the Oilers won too!
Thanks also for my four ‘somethings’, I’m one lucky monk.

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