Blessings In Disguise

If anybody achieves at least endurance of misery,
she has already accomplished an almost superhuman task.
Carl Jung

My mind goes out this evening to those who have a long term disability. Who live with this day in and day out. Some, in the midst of pain, come to live in steady gratitude. I’d wish that for all.

What may appear at first to be a life changing truely terrible turn of events may, in time, turns out to be a life blessing, and vice versa. Here is a classic Vedic story which illustrates the point.

A wise man had two things in life that he treasured–his son and his pony. One day, his son had left the gate to the corral open and the pony escaped. His neighbours, hearing that he had lost his prized possession, came to offer their condolences, to which he responded, “We’ll see.”

The next day the pony returned, and following it right into his corral were three beautiful wild horses. When the neighbours heard of this fortuitous turn of events, they paid him another visit to congratulate him on his good fortune. Again, he responded, “We’ll see.”

The following day, his son decided to try and ride one of the new horses, but on his first attempt was thrown to the ground, breaking his leg. Again, rather than judging the event, the wise man considered the situation with patience and acceptance.

Sure enough, the next day the army came to town and rounded up every able-bodied young man to fight a battle. Because of his injury, the son was left behind.

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3 thoughts on “Blessings In Disguise”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo,

    I love this parable. It is also in another form (very similar) in a wonderful wonderful book that my 7yo son loves. (I think I gave it to him for his Birthday last year).

    Zen Shorts (Caldecott Honor Book)by Jon J. Muth

    Stunningly simple and beautiful illustrations, wonderful captivating story, well integrated Dharma lessons! ( no preaching)

    The other books by Jon J Muth are equally wonderful, we have Zen Ties and Three Questions (which brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it, it’s that beautiful!)


  2. What a timeless story. Thank you for sharing this today. The day I got laid off at my job.

    A friend, Michael of Always Going, Going, Going on Beyond, pointed me to this, and I am grateful . . .

  3. Blessing in disguise indeed. Quite a few setbacks, not all of them major, are as this methinks.



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