Blogging Hermit?

The Calcutta-born artist (Ansuman Biswas) has been picked to spend 40 days and 40 nights in a tiny room at the top of Manchester Museum, looking over the city. Surrounding him will be 4.5 million artefacts, treasures the museum has collected over time.

The 43-year-old will contemplate things “lost” and the impact of extinction. Currently living in London, Mr Biswas will uproot his life to exist in the ivory tower from 27 June until 5 August.

His only communication with the outside world will be through his internet blog as he details what life is like in seclusion.


And even more…with photographs

But, or however, I’m not able to find the address of the blogging hermit’s blog. Might be interesting to check in on it…

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5 thoughts on “Blogging Hermit?”

  1. by mistake.

    Hi Rev Mugo

    Heard him being interviewed on R4 the other week and how he was chosen from a cast of hopeful hermits, and he seems like a professional hermit with a string of temporary residences.

    I must have missed the bit about the blog, but he was saying the idea of ‘lost’ items was focussed around items in the museum that are no longer on display for whatever reason, be it available space or not fitting in with current themes. The idea is he will have a changing cast of item/s in the room chosen by him and the museum staff for people to ponder with him and talk about.

    I guess people of privelge used to have ‘pet’ hermits somewhere on the estate, but the whole concept sems a bit odd to me, to pay some one to be a hermit to talk to people about these curiosities. On the other hand may be I’m just a little envious!

    Sounded an interesting project none the less.

    In gasho, Kevin

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