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Well here is a bit of fun, Moving Mountains has been nominated in the following category for the 2008 Blogisattva Awards.

Best Achievement Blogging in the First Person [as a diarist; writing of events in one’s life; offering thoughts; or by venturing out into the world, gonzo style]; 5 nominees; [blog, blogger]:
Hardcore Zen; Brad Warner
Integral Options Cafe; William Harryman
Kathmandu for You; michael smith
Moving Mountains; Mugo
One foot in front of another; Michael

I only found out about this nomination by accident while I was poking about this evening trying to see if I could still login to Technorati and a couple of other sites I’m signed up with.

Here is how I describe Moving Mountains on Technorati for your interest: Spiritual encouragement to walk the every-day Way of the Buddha’s and Ancestors within Soto Zen as practiced within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Offered by Mugo, a female priest in good standing within the OBC.

I’ll be on the train heading south tomorrow and may not be able to post until Thursday or Friday. In the mean time I think it is worth taking a look at the sites that have been nominated in other categories.

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3 thoughts on “Blogisattva Awards”

  1. I found it interesting that movingmountains was the only nominated blog written by a woman, which makes it noteworthy in itself – we could speculate why this is.
    I looked at the other nominatated ones briefly, and by far the most moving for me was the last one “One foot in front of the other” written by “Michael” who was dying of a rare form of cancer. The final entry, written by a relative, tells us that Michael died on the 15th January, but not before he had his own personal Jukai, and received his rakusu and dharma name “Daiku” meaning “Great Sky”. I recommend this site – it is very moving and demonstrates the power of the human spirit to overcome illness and pain and the contribution that Michael’s practice made to his last days.

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