Was it the moon light was it the sun? What ever it was these bulbs opened and blossomed as night turned to day.

There were visitors here for a festival ceremony, the Festival of Maitreya Bodhisattva, the Buddha yet to come. Or as it was pointed out in the lecture that followed the ceremony, the as yet unrecognized Buddha within.

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5 thoughts on “Blooming”

  1. Yes it’s a bit like the back side of the moon, or how I imagine it might be, behind the building I live and work in.

    I can sit at my desk and to my left out the corner of my eye I’ll see a rabbit, just feet away, chewing on a dead foxglove stalk.

    We only moved into this building about one and a half years ago and the land has not yet settled down from it’s building site days. The rabbits do for most of what is planted around here unfortunately.

  2. I notice that rabbits don’t seem to eat snowdrops. I wonder if anyone knows more about this & what other flowers they leave alone?

  3. Thanks. At the risk of turning this into a plants blog – they ate the shoots off the bluebells (it says on the website they won’t!) & also the tops of leeks at the allotment (again leeks, onions & garlic should be safe). But helpful all the same, thankyou!

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