Bodhicitta – Part Nine

We talk about seeking enlightenment, or seeking the truth, as if we had lost, or were missing, something. And that is certainly what it feels like. Many people have a feeling there is something missing from their lives. And that feeling can last for years. In reality, nothing is missing, but there is an absence of contentment, of peace of mind. But because the truth is never hidden from us, just taking the next step can reunite us with our true self. Every moment is an opportunity to enter reality.

How many steps will we need to take? That’s the question only you can answer for yourself. And you can, by following where the bodhicitta leads.

Note: I was personally touched by this talk and saw the benefits others are likely to derive from visiting his words, published here on Jade over several days. Thanks to the Reverend for permission to do this. Listen to the talk.

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