Bodhicitta – Part One

2021jodo-01-2The text below is from the talk given by Rev. Roland, on the 5th December after the Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony.

There was a reference in the scripture we chanted during the ceremony this morning to Bodhicitta. This is usually translated as ‘the will to enlightenment’. It is often understood as something we only embark on once we begin Buddhist practice. It is thought of as somewhat idealistic – a lofty aspiration – it sounds as if we’re seeking for something supernatural, or fantastic. And whilst it does have an element of pointing beyond our human experience, it is also essentially not different from the simple wish to be happy. This is of course just our nature. It is not something we acquire or have to cultivate, it is inherent in our being. It’s the same instinct that is behind our wish to find the answer to all the distress we find in life, to solve the problem of suffering – which is the work of a Zen trainee.
Rev. Master Roland.

Note: I was personally touched by this talk and saw the benefits others are likely to derive from visiting Rev. Roland’s words, published here on Jade over several days. Thanks to the Reverend for permission to do this. Listen to the talk.

As an added bonus you can listen to the entire ceremony with a moving dedication, taken from The Light of Asia by Sir Edwin Arnold.

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4 thoughts on “Bodhicitta – Part One”

    1. Thanks, Myra I made a couple of minor edits to the version you will have seen as a subscriber. What grabbed my attention initially was his saying ‘the simple (human) wish to be happy’ in a positive light.

  1. The relief of hearing that it’s a natural wish for ourselves and others, rather than some esoteric quality we have to strive for.
    We’ve got it already, thank goodness.
    Thanks for the help.

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