Brain and Mind?

Somebody asked me yesterday are mind and brain the same thing?  Here is ONE answer.  Makes sense to me. Buddhism has quite a bit to say about ‘mind’.  We tend to say ‘keep your mind on the ‘job’ at hand’, and elaborate from there. 2004_04_029

For many people, the mind and brain are interchangeable. They use one word or the other to talk about the same thing: the organ in our skull that we use to think.

However, the mind and brain are actually two very different, but interconnected, entities. As a neuroscientist, this reality is the foundation of my life’s research and work: The mind works through the brain but is separate from the brain.

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5 thoughts on “Brain and Mind?”

  1. And different parts of the brain do different things. One reason I meditate is it can sometimes let me watch them argue rather than take part.. sometimes :-)

  2. Well now, much has and will be said on this subject. It’s fairly evident I think that ‘mind’ an abstract ‘idea’ , is contained within its self as is the ‘idea’ ‘brain’ contained within mind. Experience is clearly affected by brain and vice versa. Experience and mind depending how one defines these ‘ideas’ being very similar and point to a ‘space’ (in the widest sense of the word) in which all is held. Nicely summed up by the question ‘Is the stone I see before me out there or in my head?’

  3. Thank you Rev. Mugo,
    This is very interesting. Leaf’s final paragraph leads us into asking “how is this possible?…. what can we do?”

    These are questions we can sit with and be patient as the water slowly clears. Slowly, gently, setting aside the temptation to “storm heaven”.

    Thank you again.

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