Bright Shining

The cremated remains of a congregation member, who died back in May, were buried during a ceremony this afternoon. Just a small box placed in the pre dug hole, then filled in with earth.
Afterwards I sat on a bench in the sun, waiting for relatives to return from the cemetery. Then I heard myself speak aloud…
Jewel Bright,
Shining like the stars.
…that was all.
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One thought on “Bright Shining”

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot on how to remember someone close to me when a child, who taught me to read before I went to school and later gave me a beautiful slide rule. I mean some small tangible recognition, something my dad would recognise and share. I am speaking of his brother, his last close friend. They were both country men and would understand your sitting in the sun and what arose. This was the last year they dug the garden together – but the seedlings were never planted.
    In gassho

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