Brightly Aliveness

One of the more difficult teaching tasks is to talk about, or allude to, what sitting still, zazen, meditation is like. In the previous post of photographs and text I’ve alluded to meditation. Now a half a day later after posting I decided to edit. This is rare for me. Mostly text stays as it is, save for correcting typo’s and the like.

Any time one uses the word it’, which I did originally, in connection with meditation there can spring up the idea that one sits and meditates on something. In the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition we don’t interpose an object upon which one meditates. We, just sit. I’ve used what is there instead of it in an attempt to better reflect my own experience. Words are what we have to give expression. Sharpening use of them is an ever present task for me.

Also I used the word clarity in a couple of places. That again can be grasped as, Oh, right, that’s what meditation is supposed to be like. Meditation is like what it’s like, moment to moment. You will now see brightly alive used under the last photograph, as well as clarity.

In the mind of zazen there can be ‘brightly aliveness’ whilst dying, whilst in pain, whilst suffering, whilst………., whilst……., whilst………

If this post has left you with a dah! whah! in your mind I’m sorry. ‘Tis the best I can do for the moment.

A hat tip to Dave, a long time blog reader, who I met here on Sunday. It was a delight to meet you, and your friend too.

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3 thoughts on “Brightly Aliveness”

  1. Funny that you mentioned brightness…for a while now as the three strikes of the gong happen before a meditation period, I’ve been saying to myself: Bright Mind, Bright Heart, Bright Being…this is probably not very “orthodox” to do…but somehow it helped me settle down a little better into “just sitting” rather than thinking I had to meditate, be clear, be calme…etc…now I don’t know if that made sense! All the best from a very stormy and snowy Frankfurt! Jack

  2. When I read the original posting I took it more to be related to remaining mindfull in daily life – to extend zazen throughout the day and absorb all one is in each moment immersed yet not lost. I wondered about the separation of various aspects of self and if my sense Self (capital S sic) is towards or off ‘the mark’.

    Then you illuminate further in this post and I read the post again. Now I would comment against the original – YES, that’s the experience of meditation I recognise.

    A most illuminating post -thanks.

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