Buddhas Are Nigh

Day’s Done
Gone the sun
From the sea
From the hills
From the sky.

All is well
Safely rest
Buddhas are

With a hat tip to Guiding circa late 1950’s.

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2 thoughts on “Buddhas Are Nigh”

  1. Thanks, Rev. Master Mugo. We sang that at Girl Scout camp when I was a kid. We sang ‘from the lakes’ instead of the sea, because most Americans live in the interior! I’ve been enjoying your messages, and was especially glad to read your memorial to Rev. Master Daizui. When I was a new monk, I was afraid of him because of his occasional flashes of anger. I worked in the Journal office when he was editor, doing the typing (we even justified the text manually), but as we progressed in our training together, I saw him evolve into an enormously compassionate man. He became the monk who gave me healing doses of compassion, of great depth, when I was in need, for which I will be forever grateful.

    1. Dear Gyojin, Thank you so much for writing this. Lovely to hear from you. I too was afraid of the Reverend when I was a young monk. That changed especially after Rev. Master Jiyu died and I worked closely with him on the Order level.

      You justified the text of the Journal?!! I typed the Journal for three years and by then the text was left unjustified, thankfully. Putting the Journal together was a craft, verging on an art.

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