Call to Care


It feels good to have plants around and to benefit from what they give. I expect there’s scientific knowledge regarding why this is so. I know already it’s beneficial to health to have plants around one’s work space, which invariably includes electronic equipment. But I’m thinking the benefit I derive is from the opportunity the plants give me, to give to them. To give them care and attention. Living things do not flourish and eventually die if they are not looked after properly. We are guardians to that which surrounds us are we not?

From Caring – An Expression of Gratitude
I love this Cyclamen. Each day a flower head emerge just a little bit more out of the green forest of leaves. Brilliant colour too. I’ve linked to the post I wrote for Field of Merit this afternoon. Hope it means something to you. I firmly believe in looking after stuff around me which is really a way of showing ones appreciation and gratitude. Doing the best one can in this regard does not mean attempting perfection.

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