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At the back end of our boat a debate ensued on the nature of time. I was steering. Relaxed and somewhat somewhere else I fired off questions into the conversation, not waiting for (or wanting) replies. Sorry folks, I get a bit difficult sometimes. The day was a tonic.

Thanks to John in Houston for taking time out to fix the photo uploading problem.

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8 thoughts on “Canal Trip Photos”

  1. Lovely photos and it brings back memories for me as a student living on the Thames for the best part of 2 years. The boat was renamed the brick, so you can probably guess that it wasn’t the plushest or smartest of boats, but it floated and it travelled! It wasn’t all plane sailing, but my rose tinted glasses are pretty powerful, even the less pleasant times I can laugh at.

    I’m not at all surprised that the trip brought up the nature of time.

    In gassho,

  2. Looks like a grand day indeed! I’d have enjoyed that, the boating, the conversation and someone else being difficult.


  3. thanks for coming in to recognise ‘being difficult’. Doesn’t add up to being a ‘difficult person’. Just difficult now and again I guess.

  4. …you lived on a boat Kevin!! AND you have a camper van now. I’m glad there are people around doing what I dreamed of doing, but didn’t. I’ve no regrets.

  5. Buddha taught that one moment of total awareness is one moment of freedom and enlightenment. I am not sure where I was in that moment, probably trying not to crash the boat.

  6. you did a great job keeping us out of trouble. Thanks. And I like this photograph a lot. Ralph gets all the credit.

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