In a Care Home

We visit a just-turned 89 year old woman, newly ensconced in a Care Facility. Noisy place. Wheel chairs crowd the long corridors. People call from their rooms. Care assistants roam. A woman reaches out as I pass. It’s like a movie. Wheelchair exercises. Few join in. The piano strikes up a tune as we wait for her daughter to pick us up to go for lunch. Watching the world go by….she sang along.

Mother and daughter talk at a diner.mother_and_daughter_hands_open.jpg

We were reduced to tears when we said good by. Don’t worry about me dears, she said. I’m happy here.

Watching the world go by (watching the world go by)
Under a sunny sky (sunny sky)
Strolling ’round the park on a Sunday afternoon (Sunday afternoon)
Oh how the moments fly (oh how the moments fly)
Watching the world go by (the world go by)
When you’re with your love
Life is a beautiful tune (life is a beautiful tune)
Dean Martin lyrics

For Maggi and her daughter, and extended family. Was that really only last Thursday. Oh how the moments fly…

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