Cat in Print

Visitors arriving at the abbey are more than likely to be greeted by Smudge, a black and white cat with the distinctive facial markings of a cat from a Japanese print. Smidge is officially the novices’ cat.
‘Cloister Cats’, Richard Surman

There is our dear Smudge sharpening his claws on the Ceremony Hall carpet. Next week we are having a new carpet fitted. Nothing to do with the cat, it was just time to replace the old one.

I met Smudge in the lane this evening, he was clearly not interested in having his picture taken. The book is currently on display in the novices common room for us all to take a look at our cat in print. Today Smudge was found sleeping in the sun, on top of the book!

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One thought on “Cat in Print”

  1. A cat doing very cattish things in the ceremony hall. Then out in the lane, just sitting. I’m convinced they do zazen.

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