Cause and Effect

Late last evening, quite frankly, writing for this blogger had stalled and the ‘engine’ was failing fast. I was struggling mentally and physically and becoming horizontal and unconscious seemed an attractive option. “What on this earth is the matter”? I asked myself, while remaining determined to keeping going and write. “I feel, hungover”. Then I realized I probably was; from eating leftover snacking food from this Sundays Open House. A lunch of Blue Cheese dip with raw vegi, coupled with cheesy crackers and tofu cream cheese was more fat than my system could handle. I’d become the consequence of what I’d eaten, hours before.

There are three time period during which one reaps the consequences of ones actions. Simply put; immediately, latter and much latter! Immediate? – felt very very sleepy and concluded I was tired. Latter? – felt tired and hungover’. Much Latter? – there is no knowing how long the time period extends for reaping consequences. However in the near future I’ll be eating leftover snacking food in smaller bites, over a longer time period!

The definition of a ‘hangover’ is: ‘The disagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)’. In my case; no drugs, no alcohol just food in excess eaten with good intentions yet tainted with a whiff of ignorance. However wonderful ‘it’ may be in the moment, ignorance is not bliss long term.

And for the adventurous Star Trek, The Next Generation did an episode called Cause and Effect. In it they determine that they are caught in a causality time loop, and spend the rest of the episode devising a plan to escape it. Not a million miles away from here, but don’t pick that one up and run with it too far. Please!

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