Change of Direction

Muchie, blue eyed priory cat with robe.

Fancy cat, fancy ceremonial robe. Those golden ties so tempting. Briefly a paw flexes to pounce as I pick up the robe before the ceremony yesterday morning. Poised. The paw twitches again and…. No! Paw washing next. I’m not sure I can attribute this change to a deliberate decision on her part, non the less, I’m grateful she chose washing over pouncing.

A recent visitor reminded me of a helpful telephone conversation he had with one of the monks. He and his wife were caught between going to a retreat or standing by at their home to offer help to a small monastic community should the threatening forest fire come close enough to require evacuation.

Continue on with the original plan, while at the same time be prepared to change direction at any moment.

In the end they helped the small community. And, to maintain balance here’s a picture of their dog. Muji.


Muchie is a, mostly Siamese, Tortoiseshell Point. Muji? A miniature Schnauzer. Both are special needs animals.

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One thought on “Change of Direction”

  1. Thank you, Rev. Mugo, for the photos of the two beings, each lovely in its own way. And thanks also to those who are willing to spend time and money to care for such “special needs” animals. Muchie the Cat is having a huge “change of direction” these days and fortunate to have landed in the Priory.

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