Cloister Encounter

Rivulet by the cloister.
Rivulet by the cloister.

I met a lay guest on the cloister after lunch today.  I’d recently picked her up from the Greyhound bus stop. We know each other well of old. Ah, hello Rev. Helen she said brightly! The Reverend Helen and I are quite often mistaken for each other. No. It’s Mugo, I respond. With a bit of a laugh about mistaken identity we chatted on about this and that as she made her way (ever-so-slowly with the aid of a walking stick) up the cloister towards the Guesthouse. Eventually the conversation drifted to matters of Buddhist practice. I know Buddha is everywhere. So why do I have to keep on coming back here? she said. Such a soft kind 80 plus face with tears and a smile at the same time. Thinking on my feet I responded, Well, when you had a car you took it in to get the oil changed and the tires checked and have a general service. Right? Same for you coming here isn’t it? I didn’t need to say much more since she got the analogy. Smiling happily, assured her coming and staying at the monastery was not a sign of weakness or faulty faith she slipped into the building. Hopefully for a nap.

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3 thoughts on “Cloister Encounter”

  1. Coming to the abbey is this for me. The Cosmic tuneup so I can return to my lay life and remember what it is to cut veggies without trying to save the world or ruminate over a resentment. To remember what it is to just be one among many and not out for my agenda. To remember how to just be quiet and to bow. May I be there when I need a cane !
    So grateful for this blog. Peace, colette

    1. Colette, that is so beautiful and expresses the ordinaryness one finds within oneself. Thank you for your thanks and it is always so good to see you here. Long way off needing a cane though.

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