Coming to Quiet

From Scouts Scar
From Scouts Scar

fellsThis image mapping the fells was added after the original post. For those who like to know what they are looking at.


Yesterday. Rounding the top, looking over the edge of Scouts Scar. Magic! A magic moment bringing awe and joy. Nearby a woman walking her dog said softly, It’s like velvet! The grass and everything combined to bring me, and her, up short. We paused and took the whole thing in. A shared moment and then we continued on our way.

Stopping to let oneself absorb what’s coming into the senses allowing ‘oneself’, the sense of being a separate entity, fade into the background of consciousness, can bring about those Ah! times. Lasting a moment or moment after moment. Nothing to seek for of course. Simply to be where one is and to notice. Simply notice. To remain awake.

Quiet: an absence or near absence of agitation, or activity. But does quiet mean the absence of activity? Is there quiet in the midst of activity? I’d say so.

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