I’ve spent quite some time this evening leaving answers to comments left over the last couple of weeks or so. I’m sorry not to have kept up with the comments lately.

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4 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Ian
    Intersting. I note that as she tels it there is still an I and things; a symbolic order. But then without paradox how could she do other than use language. I would like very much to hear from a person with ‘knowledge’ of satori, who could place the experience of her stroke in the context (is that the right word)of Tozan’s five ranks.

    I hope you are getting the rest you need for your continuing travels. Takecare.


  2. I very nearly posted that talk here too! I’ve watched it a few times now, and it always brings out a big emotional reaction in me. I find her ever so inspiring. Here’s the same talk on YouTube:

    I’ve been interested for a while about the left/right brain, and how this relates to the theory and practice of Buddhism.

    By the way, there a quite a few other interesting TED talks worth looking at.

  3. Thanks to Ian for pointing towards this inspirational talker. It is quite incredible to listen to somebody talking about having a stroke, of her witnessing the process in the way that she did.

    Personally I keep away from going there when it comes to studies of the brain and Buddhist practice. I know lots of people find such studies of interest and even helpful. They just don’t do it for me, or perhaps I just don’t make the time for study in this area.

    Dave R. I’m not sure I know anybody, who has the necessary experience, who would answer the question….

    All is well here in IOW. Raining mostly and I’m working with my web mentor to get Jademountains up and running for the end of March. When it isn’t raining I’m out walking…

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