The Compassion Of Animals

Edera of Little House In the Paddy continues her reflections. Today she remembers the hours immediately before and after her husbands death. The cat referred to below was, of course, Orlando (The Marmalade Cat)! Apparently he is actually a she! No matter. The compassion and tenderness of this creature is breath taking. I’m so glad she came across the road to sit vigil, early morning on the 14th July.

Around 3.30, with my heart racing, I waited outside our front door. Then a cat appeared from the dark and snuggled against my legs. When I sat down on the doorstep she jumped on my lap which was very comforting. She was purring softly and when I looked at her face, I thought she looked quite like our old cat Tora. At that moment I had a slight fear that Iain was visiting me to say good-bye.

I’d like to be able to say something about these reflections on Little House however I’m rather too close to the process to say anything useful. Or coherent.

Thank you for the notes encouraging me to write about Buddhist ceremonial and the steps needed to be taken generally following a death. I’ll do that when I can. Thank you for your messages of support too. All much appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “The Compassion Of Animals”

  1. When the last head of the OBC died (I’m sorry to be so bad at names, but I remember that as he was brought back to the monastery to die, he put his hand out to catch a snowflake) we were at Reading Priory. I remember the prior talking about him and then being unable to stop the tears. Such a moving moment. I don’t really understand what it means to train one’s mind, but I often fall into the trap of thinking that it has to be somehow removed and all the time calm. That’s what trips me up with the kids – but actually, often even, the anger/fear is there, because if they don’t stop doing that thing right there, they will hurt themselves. Most of the time it’s just me grumping, but just sometimes… Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that seeing Rev’s with feelings is a good thing. Feelings have a place in life, and you are showing us that and letting go too. Thank you.

    So much of this reminds me of the grieving process with my dad. I’m not really able to comment on that, but wishing you and Edera much love.

  2. Somehow your words, together with Edera’s, have become intertwined over the days and weeks since Iain’s death. It is good to read your reflections on the account that Edera has unfolded for us. I feel part of this intertwining and am content that it be so.

    In Gasssho


  3. Last year after my Mom had passed, it was really amazing to see the bright compassion and caring of animals. My parent’s two dogs, Zack and Zander, literally put their heads on the hospice bed for an extended period. They were completely still and concentrated. Then, both of them stayed on both sides of the bed until the funeral home came to take my Mom. Merit seems to extend in many ways and all directions.

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