are not separate
from the Way.

Words at the start of the 90 day monastic training ‘term’.

And another way of putting the same thing:
Conditions reveal the next step…

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4 thoughts on “Conditions…”

  1. Norman. Thank ee kindly for your support, as ever. And for reasons unknown to me as I was responding to your comment I started to write about obstacles dissolving. The comment got so long I have decided to make it a post. You are credited with having got me going on writing though. Of course the subject matter has _absolutely_ nothing to do with you.

    Hum, I don’t seem to be able to make that hands in gassho motif – can’t find the second hand on my keyboard.

  2. anything about Daoism Walter but ‘The Way’ is an expression in Buddhism isn’t it? to mean the Buddhist Way, or the Way of the Buddha’s and Ancestors. And you are so right about the long journey. Currently I’m working on arrangements to travel in Canada in October – as well as making arrangements for when I get back to the UK!

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