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Shoe shelf loving cat at Shasta Abbey 2011.
Shoe shelf loving cat at Shasta Abbey 2011.

The abbey (Shasta Abbey) also offers a number of programs that are open to the public, including meditation instruction, retreats, teaching and spiritual counseling. While the cats are not officially part of these programs, they do make their presence known. The chief cook’s cat is often seen outside the kitchen, greeting guests (or perhaps waiting for a hand out?), and the guest monk has a cat who is very much alert and present when guests come.

From The Cats of Shasta Abbey, The Conscious Cat conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their humans

This is a must read blog for all those who dote on cats and care passionately about their health and welfare.

I was the guardian of several cats while living at Shasta Abbey in the 1980’s. Oh the stories I could tell! Tom, Max, Clerica, Cora, Thomas. There were others – and dogs too.

Many thanks to Angie for the link.

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