I’ve just re-published an article called A Place To Sit. Initially published in the Journal in 1992 and then, in 2004, I posted it on the original Jade Mountains. For reasons I don’t understand the article didn’t transfer into the new Jade Mountains back in February this year. I’ve just re-published it in it’s original ‘place’ on 26th May, 2004.

I hope this article speaks to those of you who are part of meditation group and concern yourselves about numbers of people who come regularly. Offering people a place to sit each week is a real gift. There being the potential, an actual space, to join with others to meditate formally is, well…something without measure.

Back then in 1992 I seem to have an idea of what I was talking about and put it in poetic form. Here are the two verses which appear at the beginning and end of the article. I’ve made slight edits to the original, who can resist an edit!

The place in which we truly sit
Is within our own body and mind.
Since body and mind embrace the Universe,
Nowhere can this place be found.

When bowing to our place
Gratitude knows no bound.
The longing to be as Buddha strengthens
And our True Place is found.

As I write this I’m thinking of Walter who, all the way back then, would come and loyally listen to what I had to say when I was a prior. He is still coming and listening, I value that. As is young Ian, as was.

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