Reflecting From The Corner Of A Street

A pause for remembering

Starbucks. Hardly a shop I would frequent normally. However I was given a gift card while in America last year and I’ve been using it when traveling. A cold damp Saturday morning in Manchester provided the perfect opportunity to sit and ponder life with a mug of hot coffee. Coffee itself is a treat, for me.

Past life. Past city life. Flashing past. Coloured thoughts. Theater and meals. Ten speed bike. Hole-in-the-wall cash. Red double deckers. Double yellow lines. Traffic Wardens!

Nothing to regret.

I have been out and about travelling for nearly two weeks. So many people. Your kindness and friendship valued. I’ve been talking and thinking about communication. Hopefully I’ll voice my thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Reflecting From The Corner Of A Street”

  1. I too am on the road travelling with work again.
    Stopping, starting, jetlag, rushing around, excess brain stimulation from new sights and sounds. All great fun, all conspire to make keeping to the practice of daily sitting pretty tricky. Giving myself a hard time about lack of discipline seems counter productive. Adopting a different approach to rhythmn seems sensible… Any tips from a veteran traveller?!

  2. Is the picture from your smartphone app.? There is something very interesting in the elbow and hand, I am not sure what it is but there is a dynamic quality. The composition of the cups is part of this too.

  3. Yes the picture was taken with Paper Camera, an app for Androids. Glad you like it and see something in it. My photographers eye says it is a picture that ‘works’. It was taken on the fly and no conscious effort at composition was involved.

  4. Ah good, I am glad to hear news of you Miles. I have some thoughts about on the roadness and how to keep some ballance. It might not be lack of discipline you are suffering from actually. More another time….

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