Critter Magic

One of the monks sent me an email with several photos of an acrobatic bear. The antics of this resourceful creature deserve a wider audience. The photographs were originally posted here, an on-line journal based in Prince George, British Columbia.

While over on the BC coast why not visit Hornby Island where a webcam is permanently pointed at a Bald Eagle’s nest. Apart from the nesting Eagle there’s lots of bird song and general spring-time carry on happening in the background. While I have been watch the Eagle took off for a moment and revealed two eggs she is hatching. This is a very popular site and I am not surprised: “April 3, 2006 Here at Infotec we are counting over 2-million hits a day and an average simultaneous connection count of 5,000 viewers!”

Yes, I’ve had my bird song fix for the evening, definitely more uplifting than coffee and with no adverse side effects either!

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3 thoughts on “Critter Magic”

  1. You DO come up with the most interesting things!! What a magnificent creature…thanks so much…Can’t wait to tell the kids about it!

  2. Oh, and have you noted down when the eggs are going to hatch? I have the 26th through 30th however I think they have more exact dates. How can they predict this sort of thing one wonders. We humans can produce within a very wide range of time.

    Once I was asked to be in attendance at a birth, as the priest I assure you. Unfortunately baby didn’t arrive until after I’d left for North America.

  3. Thankyou so much for giving us the bald eagle website. I have passed it on to lots of people. I had it on this morning minimised when I heard squawking so I had a look & the second bird arrived. I witnessed the changeover as the first sitter flew off & the new arrival took over sitting on the eggs. I admire them so much for sitting in the midst of the wild winds, being blown & ruffled.

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