Days With My Father

Days With My Father is an intimate personal journal about the life of a father and son, from the time of the mothers death to that of the father. Together they lived and laughed. There’s a combination of photographs and text put together in a most creative and powerful way. The design is credited to Fashion Buddha. Good job.

The navigation from page to page is somewhat unusual. If you move your mouse to the bottom of each image, you get a clickable strip with takes you to the next image and commentary. Sometimes there is no strip, so just click at the bottom of the page…and see what happens. If you take the cursor to the left side of the page and click you find thumbnail size images of all the photographs.

At the end of the journal there is an opportunity to leave a comment. I’ll do that when I have more time. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Fun too.

Many thanks to Julius W. in London for pointing me to this site.

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One thought on “Days With My Father”

  1. Thanks for the link to this! I’ve shared it with my sister who is in the medical field and works exclusively with those whom she calls “her Elders”. It also reminded me of my grandmother, who very fortunately was completely lucid until she was 96, and had such a zest for life and looking good was also important to her. Getting her hair fixed once a week was very, very important and I remember once as we sat and she said, “My body is old, I have this Welsh skin…milky white and wrinkles, you almost can’t see my freckles anymore because of the wrinkles…BUT my red hair, look, still red! A little faded, but not grey!” She was very proud of that! I feel proud of that, too, in my dark hair on my head and my beard, in the sun—it glistens bright red! In those moments I can take a moment to make an internal bow to someone who gave so much to me. Thanks again for the link!

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