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Welcome to the newly introduced DharmaFlix video wiki. DharmaFlix.com is a collaborative effort to list and review films with Dharma content for the benefit of all.

Have a go why not? Write a review. I’m gearing myself up to mention the series, My Name is Earl.

I’ll be traveling to Edinburgh tomorrow and then on to Dundee on Saturday for a day retreat and will not post here while away. Back on Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Dharma Flix Wiki”

  1. Unbeknown to you (I hope!) there is a Debian Linux conference on in Edinburgh, and my boss is a famous cancer scientist from Dundee. The world is as small or as big as we want it to be.

    By the way, Debian or Ubuntu if you wish, is a wonderful alternative to the Micro$oft hegenomy – and it’s all free.

    Safe travels.

    In gassho

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