Ducks in a Row?

I’ve been working through a bundle of routine health checks since returning to England. Turns out I am healthy! According to the numbers and scans and x rays anyway. But all the checks do not stave off the fact of mortality. Or the numbers prove anything perminently true either.

My heart goes out to those known and those I don’t known whose test results, scans and numbers point towards serious conditions. My heart sinks at the thought. And waiting for ‘results’, just waiting, can be nerve wracking. I can run with fear phantasies with the best and have done so. And recently.

People often worry about their meditation practice. Is it deep enough, long enough, frequent enough, peaceful enough? Thank goodness spiritual practice cannot be measured, counted, analaysed or otherwise checked up on. But most of us have given that a try anyway!

So. Pointing our noses in the direction of travel is about the best that can be done. No gold standards, ultimately no ducks in rows. Mortality is mortality. Meanwhile, I’m with the ducks!

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7 thoughts on “Ducks in a Row?”

  1. Thank you so much RM Mugo. I enjoy your postings so much. This one is especially timely for me. My Dad had been given a whole series of tests as his health had been deteriorating. None of the results indicated that there was anything amiss. I visited him in February and was completely unprepared to see how much his health had worsened. This previously strong, large man had dwindled to nothing. No one seemed to be able to determine what was wrong. Dad died a few weeks ago. Maybe it was just his time. Mortality catches up to us eventually. I was with him just before he passed and feel eternally grateful and at peace.
    Don’t sit with the ducks too long; you might get very wet!
    🙏🏼 Claudia in Victoria

  2. Hello Rev. Master Mugo. I am glad to hear your health is good! It is a bit scary when waiting and not having much to go on. I just went through this with my husband just having had his second cancer surgery in six months. He is doing very, very well. However, I am sleeping too much for some reason and don’t have much motivation/energy to paint or do much of anything else. I think I reserved all my energy to get through this with him, and now that it’s over and things are looking very good, I think I have forgotten that I too have been affected.

    I view life with a lot of optimism overall, and when these things occur and we have to get through them, we do our best. Our mental and emotional reserves can only go so far before our body says ‘slow down and take what you need to recover.’

    I am so glad there was nothing for you to be concerned with. May it stay this way for you.

    Gassho, 🙏

    1. Thank you Bev. Yes so true what you say. Reserves are just that – when we start to run on empty in some subtle way we need to take stock. Stay well.

  3. Sending you love from the Cox family, Rev. Mugo — we all remember you and think of you. Glad to her you are well. Please remember we are just 90 minutes from Toronto and would love to have you spend time with us if you are ever passing through.

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