Earth Sky – No Gap

The entire earth and the entire sky
are both the
undivided activity
of the boat

This is the last section of the quote from Dogen’s Zenki. I’ll publish all of the quote tomorrow. However many times I visit these words they do not make ordinary sense. And I think that’s the idea, pointing us past what makes sense to a deeper truth that’s universal. It takes us out of ourselves while very much rooted in action.

The photo is from a walk called the Kentmere Round which I did on Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Earth Sky – No Gap”

  1. Dear Mugo, your posts are always ‘no-thought’ provoking. They sit in me as I sit and as my boat sails in the sky and in the earth all the way to yesterday.
    And when you stand up high on a nearly-mountain do you stretch out your arms and let the wind whistle right through your bones, rejoicing?
    in gassho

    1. Can’t say I have ever done that Lorre. Whistling wind is a condition I try to avoid being out in if I’m honest. I have noticed that when I look across to where I’ve just walked there is very little ring of reality that I have just been there. Not worried about that though and not trying to think why that is the case. Just glad to put boot to rock choosing my way.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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