Needing Meaning?

Another Sunday meander. The colours and textures and shapes reached out and grabbed me! But it was yesterdays walk-photograph that gave me something to write about. Appreciating the Known posted on Field of Merit blog.
Going on
And from Brain Pickings a book review: Godliness in the Known and the Unknowable: Alan Lightman on Science and Spirituality. Here is an extract from the book:

There are things we take on faith, without physical proof and even sometimes without any methodology for proof. We cannot clearly show why the ending of a particular novel haunts us. We cannot prove under what conditions we would sacrifice our own life in order to save the life of our child. We cannot prove whether it is right or wrong to steal in order to feed our family, or even agree on a definition of “right” and “wrong.” We cannot prove the meaning of our life, or whether life has any meaning at all. For these questions, we can gather evidence and debate, but in the end we cannot arrive at any system of analysis akin to the way in which a physicist decides how many seconds it will take a one-foot-long pendulum to make a complete swing. The previous questions are questions of aesthetics, morality, philosophy. These are questions for the arts and the humanities. These are also questions aligned with some of the intangible concerns of traditional religion.

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One thought on “Needing Meaning?”

  1. Very interesting to think on and as always I so enjoy the amazing photographs you post. Meaningful beauty.
    Bows, Gay

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