Emanating Enthusiasm

The nights are drawing in fast now. The sun is dipping behind the far hill by around 6.00 pm. In no time it will be dipping at around 3.30 pm and dusk comes soon after that. There is a decided feel in the air of autumn, the leaves are gathering in piles on the lane. Blown by the wind.


But what is this we see as we walk back from meditation? Light beaming out of the usually dark pump house/shed in the paddock. We all know what’s happening in there and in due time so will you. There will be a photograph. For now I like to imagine that something strange and amazing is emanating from within. In truth something amazing is being made. The light might represent the creative energy being generated.

And Adrienne’s creative side has come to the fore, as has her enthusiasm for what she does…. The title of her post is Too Much Confidence in which she ponders the effect here enthusiasm has on some visiting friends. Adrienne and I are similar in our sharing of enthusiasm, enthusiastically.

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One thought on “Emanating Enthusiasm”

  1. I love this photograph! I can imagine the shed pulsating in the darkness to the point where the walls burst apart. Even then we are still unable to see what is really in there as it is shrouded in a blinding bright light. I have watched far too many sci-fi films :) I am very intrigued…….

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