Enlightened Together WITH…..

Bodhi leaf with the Morning Star – Badge offer.

Sometimes it is said that the Buddha (the Awakened One) sits in the palm of ones hand. Or that we sit in the palm of the Buddhas hand. Either way the message is that Awakening IS and ever present, even now.

If you would like to have one of these badges please do drop me a line. The badge is free and freely given. If however you would like to contribute to the costs you can do so through Everyclick – with most currencies, as I understand it. Contributions are offerings in the spirit of Dana, not payment.

The following is from The Denkoroku – The Record of the Transmission of the Light. Chapter 1. Shakyamuni Buddha. Copyright, Shasta Abbey Press 1993.

Shakyamuni Buddha, The Awakened One. Upon seeing the morning star, Gautama became Shakyamuni Buddha when He was, is and will be awakened to His TRUE SELF and said, says and will say, “I was, am and will be enlightened, together with the whole of the great earth and all its sentient beings, simultaneously.

I hope it goes without saying that while Awakening is now and ever present it does require of us to wake up! Not only that, there is getting out of bed and then getting on with ones day, awake! It is a common practice to sleep walk through the day. In effect to live in fairyland – where one is not. Or as I put it, getting ahead of oneself or behind oneself. This why it is so very important to not only Rise Up (wake up) and Walk on (through the day) but also to forget.

Bodhi Leaf Badge Offering from Mugo on Vimeo.

In this video I have a go at talking about what the Buddhas Enlightenment means to us, now. In three minutes that’s a tough call! Watch your mind as you watch.

The merits of this post are offered to Dave.

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14 thoughts on “Enlightened Together WITH…..”

  1. Hi Reverend Master Mugo,

    It was very nice to meet you in person at my ‘home’ temple and I think it is long overdue that I leave a comment and say hello.

    Your teaching always inspires me and I would like to say thank you for it!

    I would love one of those bagdes that you are offering, please let me know how I can obtain one.

    Best wishes!

  2. Yes it was indeed good to meet you in person. And thanks for getting it together to leave a comment.

    To get a badge send me an email using the Contact ‘tab’ at the top of the page here with your address and I’ll send you off a badge. Simple! Goes without saying that your address is safe i.e. I’ll not be passing it on to anybody.

  3. I like this posting very much, Rev. Mugo. It is pertinent for all of us. I have a new feature in my room – a pair of walking sticks propped up against the wall! I must write something about them.

    I also really like the two videos. Thank you for your continuing excellent teaching.

    In gassho,


  4. Hi Rev. Master Mugo,

    You already gave me one of the badges a while back. I just wanted to say I really like the videos you’ve done. Please do more.

    In gassho,


  5. I have had and long treasured one of these brooches and it gives me great pleasure and many timely reminders. Thank you for the video. As I am doing my ’email-in-bed-in-the-early-morning’ habit, well, I guess I should get up!

  6. Glad you still have the brooch I sent, probably in the autumn of 2008. A good number of people already do have one. But if somebody has a pendant and would like a brooch as well – don’t hold back. And PLEASE don’t feel obliged to donate.

    I’m wondering if anybody has noticed that the shape of this edition of the Bodhi Leaf and Star has a different outline. The brooches were special ordered and since the company already had a somewhat suitable dye (heart shaped) I decided to go with that. Primarily because it obviated the need to have a new dye made, adding to the cost.

  7. Well, it just so happened I invested in a little video camera which is so very easy to use. I have it in the back of my mind to record a video at least every month. I made this one early in January but waited on posting it until I had given more thought/contemplation to this project.

  8. I await the next installment of your writing with bated breath. You left us with an accident with bones broken etc. etc. I’m already making stabs of the possible meaning of the two walking sticks. I’ve probably guessed already. You let us all know….

    Glad you like the videos, thanks for your appreciation and thanks for being there.

    Just in case anybody is wondering…there is a ‘good’ that comes from making offerings/dedications which helps beings. It is very simple and straight forward. We are individual AND inextricably interlinked. (I know you know all of this Karen however I thought I might launch into the matter of merit – but time is running out….)

  9. Hello Rev. Mugo! I where my pin with me every day at work. It is pinned to my lanyard and sometimes it even reminds me the way when I’m able to stop and pay attention a little. Best, Michael

  10. I have been wearing my Bodhi Leaf badge for quite a while now. In fact it is the only badge I wear on my nursing scrubs (apart from my name tag). It keeps me awake at work. If you know what I mean.

  11. Hello Rev. Master Mugo….the bodhi badge is beautiful! I would love to have one of these to wear. Thank you so much for offering this generous gift. I look forward to receiving it.

  12. Hi, I received the badge today, many thanx. I looked at the packet and there was a tuppeny stamp, not seen one for years, again, thanks for the gift and thank for stirring up some cute memories.


  13. Hi Rev. Mugo:

    I did have a good laugh when you mentioned about several tries at recording … I know EXACTLY what you mean LOL.

    I’ll try to keep in touch a bit better. Had I known you were in Edmonton, I’d have come by for a visit.

    I think rock-bottom is a good place to be. If one can keep the precepts and try to express gratitude for what ever comes up the pipe, the howling winds eventually subside, the garbage settles to the ground and then all you really need is a broom :)

    Hope you are well :)


  14. Ian, So sorry to have missed you in Edmonton. Last I heard you had left – then I heard you had come back and it was too late to look you up. Next time. And good fortune with who ever and where ever you are playing. Street music I hear, and a band – tour?

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