Everybody Has to Be Somewhere

Raspberry Pi Tree

Where ever you are
Who ever you are with
No matter what you are doing
No matter how you are feelin’

If you are laughing
or crying
Sighing or sleeping
or wide awake
Just remember

*You can’t dance
at two weddings
one behind!

Being in two places
at once isn’t
even slightly
*Yiddish saying.

The micro tree is plugged into a Raspberry Pi computer. Came to me yesterday in the post, so beautifully packed. This tree is now on my altar blinking away adding a warm red glow. Love it. For those who might wish to be where they are not, with different people or with somebody who has died. Or whatever. Hang in there, nothing last for ever. Even the good times pass.

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9 thoughts on “Everybody Has to Be Somewhere”

  1. Very sweet.
    Please come visit and stay with me sometime… either in Humboldt or near Eugene.
    Sending love and good cheer.

  2. Love your little tree.
    A Happy Christmas and a Joyful and Healthy New Year Mugo.
    And to all the community at Throssel.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Ian. Still on my feet and moving forward. Hope same for you. Will pass on your best to thems who know you. And the rest too. Rev. W always remembers you fondly.

  3. Dear Rev Mugo
    Love your cute tiny tree 🙏🌲
    Sending love & blessings and gratitude for the OBC / Sangha and you & your beautiful blog…
    Im hoping to make it to Throssel in 2019 … maybe with Rev Myfanwy’s group visit perhaps …
    🌻🙏🌴 Nic Yaffey

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