Exciting Times – More From the Alpaca Front

Improvised ambulance.

More from the alpaca front! Checking for birthing alpacas at 7.00am and yes, there is one going into labour. Unfortunately there is another – a 6 week old female – who is lying down when she usually jumps up when I go past. I go to check her and she jumps up but looks a little strange – as though her leg has gone to sleep. Closer inspection reveals a broken leg hanging from halfway down.

So – all hands to decks. Baby lifted into farm buggy and driven to barn. Following consultation on phone with vet it is baby into back of car and off to vet’s surgery. Left with vet while back to check birthing alpaca…

I used to look forward to excitement, now I am not so sure.

But the abiding memory of the day was the deep trust that the injured alpaca had in us. She lay across Julie in the back seat of the car on the way to the vet and across me on the way back. She was perfectly capable of jumping and twisting and wasn’t in shock – she just chose to trust us.

I am finding that the interaction with animals can be a deep teaching. I have no expectations of animals; I am more a ‘people person’. And it seems that the absence of such expectations can leave us open to them sneaking in and catching us.

By the way, all are doing well – though how do you keep a plaster cast on a lively young alpaca clean and dry??

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One thought on “Exciting Times – More From the Alpaca Front”

  1. Hello Andrew,

    I trust from your posting that Julie is doing better as well? Here’s a wish from the northcoast of California for the well being of you all.

    Take good care.

    In gassho, Jim

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