February! When will it end? February, so hard to live through. Another day with much not done. My thoughts as I dash for evening meditation through the gloom, overtaking a Reverend in her hooded cape in the lane. This evening we hardly need coats, capes and hats yet we continue to wear them. The bell is already ringing. Meditation. Returning, there are no stars out tonight. But what’s that on the horizon? Still light fading from the day, at 9.00 p.m.? Surely not.

Amazing how, in just an hour, ones point of view can turn and change. From rush and bustle and too much still to do, to a leisurely stroll back up the lane admiring the absence of stars with a happy anticipation of writing a blog entry.

Just sitting is worth while, worth while not because of getting anything or having a better attitude or slowing down a notch or three, or whatever. No, just that there is a space. Just space.

Tomorrow I’d probably say something different.

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4 thoughts on “February”

  1. I’ve been laughing all day because this entry brought up in my mind that wonderful song about English weather by Flanders and Swann. As non-UK readers have probably never even heard of them it runs like this …

    “January brings the snow
    Makes your feet and fingers glow

    February’s Ice and sleet
    Freeze the toes right off your feet

    Welcome March with wintry wind
    Would thou wer’t not so unkind

    April brings the sweet spring showers
    On and on for hours and hours

    Farmers fear unkindly May
    Frost by night and hail by day

    June just rains and never stops
    Thirty days and spoils the crops

    In July the sun is hot
    Is it shining? No, it’s not

    August cold, and dank, and wet
    Brings more rain than any yet

    Bleak September’s mist and mud
    Is enough to chill the blood

    Then October adds a gale
    Wind and slush and rain and hail

    Dark November brings the fog
    Should not do it to a dog

    Freezing wet December then:
    ****** January again!”

  2. Oh right, beautifully written, that came as a bit of a shock I must say. Thanks Angie, you see something I do not.

    Iain! Did you have all of that stored away in your memory banks by any strange chance? Thanks for the ditty, not pretty ay. What did they know though. There are two weeks in the year that are good. They are the two weeks after the children go back to school in September. I’ve been in the Lakes on renewal time and hit a heat wave breaking all records, since records began. Let’s see, I was there in 1991 or ’92 I think in a caravan park at the end of Derwent Water. And again I was on renewal on September 11th 2001, beautiful weather and I remember I was cleaning out the guttering on my trailer when the news hit.

    Thanks RB, and I see a new comment has just arrived from you as I write. Just at the right time!

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