Field of Merit is Official

Certificate of Incorporation as a Private Limited Company.
Certificate of Incorporation as a Private Limited Company.

This must be what it’s like for new parents. That’s not quite believing the little one has, after all that waiting, actually arrived. Quickly followed by the dawning realization that one’s life work has just manifested! In the spirit of this article, Unfolding the Buddha’s Teaching where I speak of ownership of the project, this certificate represents the birth of THE project, not our project. Now is the time to draw in the growing cast (of those who want to become involved with the project) and get specific about the work that can be done to help the business along. But I am getting ahead of myself. Rev. Alicia and I need to get our heads together first to make sure we are on the same page in terms of what’s needed right now.
Field of Merit is Born

Yes, ‘the project’ is moving right along and from time to time I draw attention to that here on Jade Mountains. I quite deliberately keep the two sites running in parallel though. Jade is my personal blog and Field of Merit is a ‘temple’ website. However the unfolding of this project, to set up a rural retreat, is so important to me it is natural I will draw attention to it. When it is up and running Jade will be here talking about the unfolding of daily life there. Where ever there might end up being.

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