The First Thought

A cocoa pod

Ripples of shock have been passing through the ranks today. Apparently, according to the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4, there are only a handful of companies, possibly just three, in the world that process the raw cocoa bean. Pause a moment for the full impact of this news to sink in. It means that chocolate is being shipped, trucked and generally transported around the world, in bulk. I’m not sure why this is so stunning but it is.

It is kind of interesting to think about and study the ways and means by which chocolate comes to us. Cocoa cultivation for example is fascinating.

When we start a meal we say the ‘Five Thoughts’. The first one is ‘we must think deeply of the ways and means by which this food has come’. No doubt many of us will be eating well during the festive season and generally eat well during the rest of the year too. I see this verse as helping one to pause and appreciate the bigger picture and to help bring forth gratitude.

Eat well.
Stay well.
All is well.

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