Spare a thought for all who are caught up in the flooding in Cumbria, as well as in South West Scotland.

My laptop failed me earlier in the week. As you see, it is back in business again. Thankfully.

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2 thoughts on “Flooding”

  1. I have in-laws in the Keswick area that tell me the Lake District has become pretty well one large lake. They themselves seem to be (relatively) OK.
    We were luckier in Lancaster in that we were on the periphery of that rainstorm.


  2. Thanks Norman. If anybody needed a boat this week-end it’s those in the Lakes. I heard of an elderly chap swimming across the high street in Cockermouth! Just incredible what has happened these past days. The water is running out of the moors here in Northumberland but nothing like what we know of close to here. A reverend went over to South West Scotland today, I’ll be interested to hear how it was there.

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