Flying To-night.

I am sorry not to have posted much while in Singapore. When I get to Throssel Hole Abbey and am rested I’ll continue to Blog as there are many photographs of statues and temples as well as stories and insights I’d like to record. Moving mountains continues to move I guess!

Thanks to all of you who have been traveling along with me these past couple of months it has helped me a lot to feel that the OBC Sangha, lay and monastic, have been supporting me.

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4 thoughts on “Flying To-night.”

  1. Rev. Master Mugo,
    Have a nice flight back to one of your many homes. Thanks for all the pictures, stories, and the new and old Dharma connections. And for taking us all along. Quite a journey!

    Be well.

    In Gassho, Jim R.

    P.S. the durian website was a hoot!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you back. See you later in the month in Lancaster I guess. Have a good flight back.

  3. Welcome to the UK (if it’s the UK it must be Tuesday!). Hope to see you soon and that you get a well-deserved rest.

    In gassho,


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